• Welcome to #IndieWeb Textpattern

    The goal of this site is to become a living “how-to” of integrating Textpattern with IndieWeb building-blocks.

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  • Step 1: Add Your H-Card

    The first step in getting your Textpattern website up and running on the IndieWeb, is to add your contact details to your pages using an h-card.

    An h-card can be as simple as you want it, from just your name and URL, to your full contact information and photo/avatar. In the examples below, we’ll add a simple h-card displaying our name, and links to both our website and Twitter profiles.

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  • Step 2 - Preparing for IndieAuth

    IndieAuth allows you to login to services which support it by using your own domain, much in the same way that Facebook or Twitter allow a user to login to other services using their Facebook or Twitter credentials.

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  • Step 3 - Add Support for Receiving Webmentions

    Webmentions allow one web page to notify another web page that it references it. It is similar to the older concept of a “pingback” which is a common feature of blogging software such as WordPress, and which Webmention is a replacement for.

    Textpattern doesn’t support Webmentions natively at this time, and there aren’t any plugins which provide the functionality. However, there is still an easy way to receive webmentions on your Textpattern website by using a third party IndieWeb service, a small amount of JavaScript, and adding a few tags to your Page and Form templates.

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  • Step 4 - Sending Webmentions using and IFTTT

    We’ve previously enabled our site to receive Webmentions, but what can we do about sending Webmentions to other sites? As I explained in the last article, Texpattern doesn’t have this capability built-in, so we will need to use a plug-in, external service, or possibly some combination of the two. Much like we use to handle receiving Webmentions, we’re going to use to handle the sending. And the best bit is, we don’t need to make any modifications to our site!

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